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Why Employ a Veteran or Ex-Emergency Service Member

Veterans and Ex-Emergency Services are proven, high skilled individuals, who have been selected through demanding recruitment pathways and acquired skills and qualifications through nationally recognised Australian Government training, designed to develop talented experts who excel in what others would find uncomfortable. These baseline high skill individuals are the building blocks of what Reinforce delivers to you.


In service, leadership is intrinsic at all levels. Veterans and Ex-Emergency Services have experience working within and leading teams that work together to achieve goals. They understand intent, are mission and task focused, and have an expectation to up-skill and grow their knowledge (even annually on professional courses). Leading by example, Veteran and Ex-Emergency Services leaders are expected to delegate, motivate, inspire and deliver results, often in austere and challenging conditions.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Veterans and Ex-Emergency Services are often in unknown situations, where they are required to analyse data, assess potential outcomes, and use situational awareness to solve issues and react to challenges. Veterans and Ex-Emergency Services are adaptable, flexible and trained across a breadth of skills and as a result, are not fearful of taking on responsibilities and tasks outside their primary role. They have been trained in decision making processes highly adaptable to the commercial industry.

Values Driven Thinking

Veterans and Ex-Emergency Services have fought and served for their values. They seek out higher meaning in what they do, and align to purposeful work where they can make a difference for good. They thrive in teams, and understand the importance of trust, respect, and structure. They will hold themselves and others to account for their actions, ensuring they are aligned to your values.

Risk Management Mindset

Veterans and Ex-Emergency Services are trained in practical risk-mitigation strategies that ensure safety and mission success in all activities. Veterans and Ex-Emergency Services utilise rigorous systems to prepare, rehearse, communicate, deliver, assess and improve each activity they conduct.


Clear, concise and accurate communications are vital for the effective operation of the Australian Defence Force and Emergency Services. Veterans and Ex-Emergency Services can identify, articulate and share relevant information using well-developed communication skills, via a myriad of communications mediums. They are respectful and efficient, and nest higher levels of intent into their communications ensuring the entire team are empowered to seize initiative.

Most Veterans and Ex-Emergency Services individuals already possess Cert IV level competencies in Business, Leadership, Tourism, and Outdoor Leadership.

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